Kids Helping Kids Since 1998

To date, 212+ grants totaling over $434,000+ have been awarded to 100+ different non-profit organizations since 1998. The "Young" Selection Committee is made up of approximately fourteen young adults whose ages range from twenty six to eleven.

The Board of Directors insist that the Selection Committee continue to acquire the opinion of youth in deciding what projects we will support as Abby did for our first grant in 1998.

Tell Us About Your Project

Are you involved in a unique project that benefits children in Lancaster County? We'd love to hear about it! To apply for funding for your project, please visit our application page.

All projects are chosen by a committee made up primarily of young people from the ages of 10 and up, some of them Abby's friends. This ensures Abby's vision, seeing a child's need from the eyes of a child, is continued.

Make a Donation and Help Us Help Children in Lancaster County

You can help meet the needs of children in our community!

In her short life, Abby Longenecker learned that life's greatest joys come from giving. You can experience that joy by giving generously to support projects and programs that help provide for children in Lancaster County. To help support the goals of Abby's foundation, simply fill out our secure donations form or mail your gift.

A Vision to Bring Fun and Innocence Back to Childhood...

Childhood should be a time of innocence and fun, but for many children, it is a time of stress. Abby's Foundation is helping to put some fun and innocence back into many childhoods.
  • All supported projects are through LOCAL organizations.
  • Supported projects are for children in Lancaster County.
  • Over 212+ projects benefitting children have been funded and over $434,000 distributed since 1998.
  • 100% of your contribution goes to funded projects, not operating expenses.
  • Donations are tax deductible.

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