Application Requirements for A.L.L.M.F. Grants

The Abigail L. Longenecker Memorial Foundation accepts applications from nonprofit organizations in Lancaster County wishing to apply for the foundation's annual grants.

Funding decisions are made in January each year and awarded at the skating event held in February or March.

Applicants must be nonprofit organizations in Lancaster County, and the funds requested must be used for specific projects that benefit children.

Applications must be received no later than December 1st.

Non-Profit Organization's Name:*
Applicant's Name:*
Address 2:
Phone Number:*

Second Contact Name:*
Second Contact Phone:*

Two grant levels available. Only one of the $10,000 grants is available while multiple other grants will be awarded. Organizations may apply for one or both. Please send a separate application for each.

Choose grant level: Up to $4,000 Up to $10,000
Total amount of funds requested and use of funds, showing specific use/breakdown of funds:*

Approximate Number of Children Affected:*
Length of Time the Project will be in Place:*

Organization's Mission Statement:*

Detailed Description of the Entire Project (500 words):*

In addition to the application, please provide:
  • Copy of organization's 501(c)3 designation from the IRS.
  • Form 990 (Page - 10) or Form 990-EZ (Page - 1)

You may mail these forms to the following address, or attach them via email:

The Abigail L. Longenecker
Memorial Foundation
P.O. Box 4692
Lancaster, PA 17604-4692

Questions may be sent to

Note: Current applications must include the above information for consideration.

The Abigail L. Longenecker Memorial Foundation
P.O. Box 4692 • Lancaster, PA 17604-4692
Phone: (717) 898-9376 • Email:

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